The Antarctica Six Pack amalgamates half a dozen small housing projects, presses them into physical proximity and imagines them as a group housing project.

So they are a speculation on the low rise shared space, with the quirks of the individual and site specific. They include the Caretaker’s House, the Roofscape House, Greenhouse, Glowhouse, Moorilla Houses, and Cecil. They are transferred out of context into each other’s context, and they bring ideas from their own environment.

A luxury resort house, and bar built as a house prototype, a cubby scaled to a house, an office intended as a house. Some bring remnants of the old city on which they are added.

As for sustainability, the best we can do as architects is learn to use space more intelligently, to help rethink luxury and generosity; to make houses worth keeping, and to give people the chance when they vote, to think about something other than interest rates.