The client for this house is thirty independent citizens who need a home. Not celebrities. They seek refuge anonymously. Their privacy is respected.The Carters are the front for the house; its sponsor, and its proxy client.
A 900m2 house shared by 30 is an efficient use of that space and it is comparable to a luxury family villa. It is a new type of family.

The house takes shape from the simplest starting point at hand – the cartoon diagram of a house from the competition logo. That elevation is scaled to make 900m2 of space – on three levels. The giant toy house is wrapped in a skin to screen its contents. Not an exercise in complex sculpture or geometry.

A house for 30 needs to mask its contents; to hide the refuge in a large villa. The skin tries not to tell anyone how many live there, or who they are. Instead it is a little bit tudor, conventional and abstract. Not a boarding house.
This house is planned as a series- one for every place that needs it-for the millions who need better houses, hiding among those who can best help. A house for a big-issue.