This project involved construction of a new warm water pool, multi-purpose room and associated change facilities, amenities, storage and administration offices which included the renovation of the existing infrastructure. The City of Knox specified that environmental considerations were paramount and took the step of allocating funds for environmentally sustainable aspects that would have a sound pay-back period.

Major environmental and daylighting improvements took place in and around the existing building. The renovated building includes a combination of passive and active elements such as increased insulation, double glazing, heat reuse, rebalanced mechanical ventilation and air temperatures to reduce heating load, solar photovoltaic panels connected to the grid, and solar hot water.

The project, in which water use and power use are substantial issues, illustrates our ability to design buildings that minimise water consumption and maximize water collection; minimise the green house gas emissions; minimise energy consumption and maximize energy generation.

Combined solar generation and solar water heating reduced energy costs by 47% over the winter. This increased to 65% over summer, with a yearly average saving in the vicinity of 55%.
The payback period for total ESD component of project is 5.7 years.