& awards 

︎Springvale Community Hub, Architecture Australia, July 2021
︎The Practice of Spatial Thinking: Differentiation Processes Leon van Schaik, actar, 2020
︎46 Square Metres of Land Doesn’t Normally Become a House, Stuart Harrison,Thames&Hudson 2011
︎Rebirth of the Clinic: RACGP, Crist and Jones
︎Affordable Architecture Great Houses on a Budget, Stephen Crafti, Images Publishing 2010
︎Abundant: Venice Biennale Catalogue 2008 Warburton Bridge
︎The Melbourne Design Guide, Ewan McEoin and Viviane Stappmanns, Alphabet Press 2007
︎ Design City Melbourne, Leon Van Schaik, Wiley & Sons, 2006
︎Momentum:New Victorian Architecture, OVGA,Melbourne University Press 2011
︎Pavilions For A New Architecture, Monash Gallery Catalogue, 2005
︎Architecture Australia, Habitat 21
︎Architect Victoria,Habitat 21, 2011
︎Architecture Australia Prize for Unbuilt Work, Warburton Rail Trail Pedestrian Bridge
︎Architectural Product News, 2007 Prize for Unbuilt Works, February/March 2008
︎Past+Present+Future, ANTARCTICA
︎The Age,Domain,Behind the Wall, July 2008
︎The Age,Sunday Life,Graham Crist, 2004
︎Lakes Entrance Foot Bridge, Local Papers, 2007
︎Venue, Moorilla Estate, ANTARCTICA
︎Monument,Tunnel Vision, 2003
︎Subaud2, 2002 House, 2003